“Being a part of the UNITY show, for, arguably, all of us, opened up a spring of possibilities and a swelling of revelations. The preparation for the show and the amount of collaborative effort needed to make such a large scale performance actualize when operating at the grassroots level demanded that we, the cast and supporting artists, explore that dormant part of us all– that which yearns for a supportive community of like-minded individuals to not only build with, but to build alongside, to dialogue, to toss ideas with, to be in our corners, and believe in what we have to offer, particularly when our immediate society and culture have engrained in us to not only look down upon such support systems, but to also belittle our own work as artists, reminding us that the correct view of art lies in the realm of hobby work, doing little to add to the growth of society.

 The magic of this show was that it brought so many Filipino and Pacific Island artists together and put us all into one room– definitely a feat for Los Angeles, given the geographical dispersal of the region. By keeping us together, there were so many moments of interpersonal dialogue, oft between two individuals, but just as common in larger groupings. Due to this, the amount of knowledge, culture, and journey shared encouraged many of us to push our artistry to the next level.”


– Noelle Falcis, Los Angeles, CA

“It took me a long time to shift my perspective from fighting against all the things that hurt and dehumanize me into healing and helping to (re)create a world that I believe in. For me, ASOO is the embodiment of that ‘into’ – it is a process of transforming pain and disempowerment into connections with the things that make us strong: kinship, ancestors, the land. This process can be difficultin a specific place, millions of people can live together yet still be disconnected. But as a place-based process that focuses on relationship-building, ASOO is a creative method that can sift communities out of the masses. Community, Ancestors, Land. It is these important connections that restore our humanity.”

– Lilian Kong, Tempe, AZ

“’A Stage of Our Own’” is a critical, hauntingly honest, and much needed creative and performative space. The first show organized and directed by Toni Pasion in Honolulu, HI revealed not only the stories of each performers’ life, but also the many ways each woman converged with each other in a brutally honest and intimate confessions of the soul. ‘A Stage of Our Own’ was truly a community experience that brought Toni’s vision and the rest of the cast’s voices into existence. From the venue, the show, the food, the props, and the equipment, each and every piece of the show was truly a manifestation of people creating space for each other. Los Angeles is lucky to have ‘A Stage of Our Own.’”

– Jonathan Valdez, Honolulu, HI