Lilian K. Testimonial

“It took me a long time to shift my perspective from fighting against all the things that hurt and dehumanize me into healing and helping to (re)create a world that I believe in. For me, ASOO is the embodiment of that ‘into’ – it is a process of transforming pain and disempowerment into connections with the things that make us strong: kinship, ancestors, the land. This process can be difficultin a specific place, millions of people can live together yet still be disconnected. But as a place-based process that focuses on relationship-building, ASOO is a creative method that can sift communities out of the masses. Community, Ancestors, Land. It is these important connections that restore our humanity.”
– Lilian K., Tempe, AZ

Published by A Stage of Our Own

A Stage of Our Own is an organization dedicated to cultural movement arts emphasizing healing, building relationships, innovation, and storytelling.