Jonathan V. Testimonial

“’A Stage of Our Own’” is a critical, hauntingly honest, and much needed creative and performative space. The first show organized and directed by Toni Pasion in Honolulu, HI revealed not only the stories of each performers’ life, but also the many ways each woman converged with each other in a brutally honest and intimate confessions of the soul. ‘A Stage of Our Own’ was truly a community experience that brought Toni’s vision and the rest of the cast’s voices into existence. From the venue, the show, the food, the props, and the equipment, each and every piece of the show was truly a manifestation of people creating space for each other. Los Angeles is lucky to have ‘A Stage of Our Own.’”
– Jonathan V., Honolulu, HI


Published by A Stage of Our Own

A Stage of Our Own is an organization dedicated to cultural movement arts emphasizing healing, building relationships, innovation, and storytelling.